The Aggie and the ecstasy: an interview with filmmaker Catherine Gund

Lesbian documentary filmmaker Catherine Gund has an exceptional eye for subject matter when it comes to her movie projects. Of course, it helps that she was already familiar with the people, including gay performance artist Ron Athey, the late lesbian Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, and choreographer Elizabeth Streb, who is also a lesbian. However, she probably wasn’t as well acquainted with them as she is with the subject of her new doc Aggie (Strand Releasing/Aubin Pictures), which is about her mother; art collector and philanthropist Agnes Gund. Agnes’ name may be familiar to some readers from her tenure as president […]

She May Be Southern, But Don’t Ring Her Bell: Getting Real with Sutton Stracke

Southern Debutante-turned Beverly Hills socialite, Sutton Stracke is one of the newest cast members of this current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Sparkling with charm, style and utter sophistication, Stracke has garnered much popularity with viewers for her candid wit and social grace.  Baltimore OUTloud was thrilled to chat with Stracke regarding her commitment as an LGBTQ ally, her background in the arts, and the importance on giving back through philanthropic endeavors.                “Well, hi Frankie! How are you in Baltimore? Did y’all miss the hurricane?” inquired the delightful Stracke.  Chatting with Baltimore OUTloud a few days […]

Talking About a REVOLUTION

Scott Free’s impressive and admirable list of professional accomplishments keeps growing all the time. Homolatte, his Chicago-based LGBT live performance series, is in its 20th year. He has had two theatrical musicals produced. He was inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2005 and 2009 he was named by the OUTMusic Awards as “Out Musician of the Year.” He runs Alt Q Radio, an indie queer radio station on Live365. Since 1996, Free has released five studio albums under his own name with 2020’s The Last Revolution (Leather / Western Records) being the latest. […]

Latest and Greatest: an interview with Becca Mancari

It’s only July, but rest assured that The Greatest Part (Captured Tracks), the breathtaking second album by out singer/songwriter Becca Mancari will not be forgotten when folks assemble their end-of-the-year, best of 2020 albums lists. The Greatest Part, available in a limited edition clear pink vinyl LP version, is a sonic departure from her Americana-laced 2017 debut Good Woman. Working with musician/producer Zac Farro (of Paramore fame), Mancari has created a forward-thinking audio landscape for her deeply personal lyrics, some of which deal with being raised in and surviving a strict religious background. Songs such as “Hunter”, “Stay With Me”, “First Time”, “Like This” and “Tear […]

“Red, White and Griffin: Kathy Griffin Shares a Hell of a Story with Charm City”

Bold. Unyielding. Independent. Relentless. Survivor. These are just a few characteristics of the word patriot. As America prepares to honor Independence Day against the sobering backdrop of a global pandemic and racial injustice, Americans find themselves reflecting on the ideals of what it means to be an American patriot. Many have recently wondered if comedian Kathy Griffin is among the type of courageous patriots that this country needs during these trying times. The lioness of standup has roared back with Baltimore OUTloud and, boy, does she have a Hell of a Story to tell. “Honey, how is anybody doing, right […]

Taylor-made: an interview with Holland Taylor

According to Ryan Murphy, “Casting a television show is like casting a dinner party. It’s like, ‘Well, who do I want to sit next to for the next six months of my life?’” In the case of his new Netflix series Hollywood, premiering on the streaming network on May 1, 2020, he set an amazing table, and seated his guests just so. One such guest is out actress Holland Taylor who plays no-nonsense 1940s movie studio exec Ellen Kincaid. Ellen is someone we can fall in love with immediately; a smart, tough, single career woman who plays a big part […]

“Feeling” good: an interview with Pam Tillis

Pam Tillis is country music royalty. The daughter of country music legend Mel Tillis, Pam has had her own lengthy career as a singer/songwriter with hits including “Maybe It Was Memphis”, “Cleopatra, Queen of Denial”, “Spilled Perfume” and, of course, “Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life)”. Looking for a Feeling (Stellar Cat), Pam’s 11th studio album and first solo album in more than a dozen years, is the kind of comeback we’ve been waiting for. A compelling combination of modern and traditional country tunes, featuring outstanding originals including the title track, “Burning Star”, “Karma” and “Last Summer’s Wine”, as well […]

Through the “Years”: an interview with Lauren Wood

There are a variety of ways in which you may have encountered the music of out singer/songwriter Lauren Wood over the years. Perhaps it was when she was still going by Ilene Rappaport in the late 1960s band Rebecca and the Sunnybrook Farmers (great name, right?). Maybe it was a few years later when, along with her cousin, the in-demand violist Novi Novog, and bass player Ernie Eremita she was known as Chunky in the trio Chunky, Novi & Ernie. Chances are the way you will recognize Lauren Wood, as she came to be known on her first two solo […]

The whole story: an interview with The Half of It writer/director Alice Wu

In 2004, a few years after Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet and a few years before Awkwafina’s The Farewell, lesbian filmmaker Alice Wu’s acclaimed indie film debut Saving Face introduced audiences to one of our first out queer Asian female characters, Wil (played by Michelle Krusiec). The movie closely examined Wil’s relationship with her very traditional mother played by award-winning actress Joan Chen (The Last Emperor, Twin Peaks). A hit on the festival and art house circuits, Saving Face was also a wonderful introduction to a promising filmmaker. As Wu elucidates in the following interview, much happened between the release […]

Love story: an interview with award-winning actress and singer Linda Lavin

Award-winning theater and television veteran vet Linda Lavin isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Not that we would ever want her to. At almost 83 years of age, Lavin has just released a marvelous new album, Love Notes (Club 44), on which she performs a number of classics from the American songbook, as well as the new Joel Lindsey and Wayne Haun composition “Stars Would Fall”. Additionally, Lavin has been appearing regularly on TV shows such as Mom, The Santa Clarita Diet and Madam Secretary, to mention just a few. She is also scheduled to appear in the new […]