Would Tony Baltimore Use His Stage Name in the Actual City?

Tony Durante (aka Tony Baltimore) is a Key West musician with quite the eclectic following. His current lineup of venues includes popular establishments such as the Green Parrot, Willie Ts, Sloppy Joes, and Blue Heaven. Now, he shares his thoughts on Moby, veganism, politics, and even Bro-Country. Kevin Assam: Lets clear up this Baltimore thing. Are you obsessed with the city? Tony Baltimore: Maybe a little. Its a nickname I was given in Tampa many years ago and certainly not something Id go by in the actual city of Baltimore. It sort of followed me here. I like it because […]

Artist Joseph Cavalieri debuts ‘Stillness’ and Josefiná Cavaliná

New York artist Joseph Cavalieri has exhibited his on-glass paintings internationally for the last 15 years. He recently debuted his series of oil works on canvas along with a new identity, Josefiná Cavaliná. “Stillness” ran earlier this year at the Studios of Key West. Kevin Assam: What do you think about gender reveal parties for soon to be born babies? Josefiná: I’ve never been to one, but would totally agree to going as long as there’s another party when the kid decides to switch genders. I imagine David Bowie having multiple parties as he grew up and decided if he […]

Is David Bowd Perfectly Fine with Your Mom sitting in on a Job Interview for Salt Hotels?

David Bowd is the co-founder and CEO of Salt Hotels, currently spanning five properties, including Provincetown’s Salt House Inn and Eben House. He has no problem steering the next generation of hoteliers, having lived through his own mother attending his first interview for a hotel position. David talks his community work with Salt School, launching the Salt Hotels brand, and responds to humanity’s discovery of how to fold a fitted sheet.   Kevin: As a hotelier, is it time to retool the expression, “Even the salty customer is always right?” David: It’s a very old fashioned phrase that doesn’t always […]

Is Barbara Sage Saving Mannequins and Other Things Around Her House with Whimsy?

Barbara “Barb” Sage is the creative behind the kaleidoscopic explosion of body parts, curbside treasures, and household items that comprise Whimsy Key West. After a flurry of marriage, childbirth, and domestic life, this Annapolis native made her way to Key West and called it home for over 20 years. Now, we take one of her mannequin arms and prod her on her early Baltimore misadventures, her extensive collection of erotic audiobooks, and what exactly is the most difficult limb to paint. Kevin Assam: When life gives you lemons, is it your responsibility to paint them in even more vibrant shades […]

Does Chris Nagle Expect John Waters to Love Ptown’s Outermost Designs?

Chris Nagle has a keen eye for design. He still remembers the lone wildflower atop the dining table shared with his partner on their first date and his father’s painting, carpentry, and sculpting work that set the creative path for Chris to explore. This pursuit ultimately led to his teaming up with Adam Slone in 2019 to launch Provincetown’s Outermost  –  a collection of art and furnishings that is chic but not cliché. Let’s find out why John Waters may not be shopping there anytime soon. Kevin Assam: What sort of queer neighborhood where you confined to growing up and […]

Does Cafe Heaven’s Quinn Taylor Think We’re All Too Available?

Television executive Quinn Taylor is the latest addition to Provincetown business owners with his acquisition of the Portuguese Clams and Lobster Ravioli serving Cafe Heaven. He pries open his playbook to discuss courting the Cape’s eligible gents, reveals what dating rules are so 1985, and answers the all-time philosophical debate of whether cereal is a soup or not. Kevin Assam: Do you consider cereal to be a soup? Quinn Taylor: No. I suppose you could but why would you bother? It’s cereal. I have soup. [Laughs] I love soup but I love cereal too. Sometimes a cigar is just a […]

Is Ptown’s Joe Coffee the Jolt Your Dating Life Needs?

Glenn Siegmund is a Webster, Massachusetts, native and former CIO and IT professional with over 30 years of experience. Why on earth has he recently acquired Joe Coffee in Provincetown with longtime friends Mark Shaw and Peter McBrien? Is this an elaborate ploy to improve his dating prospects or are they teaming up to bring the most addictive year-round coffee experience to the Cape? Let’s bother him with delightful questions.  Kevin: Do you recall your first queer experience with coffee? Glenn: I was a huge Janet Jackson fan. She was touting the benefits of coffee enemas and their ability to […]

Is Kristiann Mills Making a Splash with the Key West Mermaid Festival?

Kristiann Mills is the owner of the Captain Mermaid’s Boutique and a seriously waterlogged island girl who is launching the inaugural Key West Mermaid Festival this July. Sporting 30-pound prosthetic tails in the summer heat and launching aquatic themed festivities around one of the country’s busiest weekends means she’s sufficiently off the walls to answer these questions. Kevin Assam: Were you a mermaid brat growing up? Always rushing off behind the soggy bleachers with the newest scruffy merman? What makes you such an expert? Kristi Mills: A mermaid brat. Yes! I was waterlogged growing up in the Florida Keys. My mermom […]

Qmitch What’s Glory Hole BINGO?

“Qmitch” Jones has taken his outrageous wit from the south to the southernmost end of the country. This North Carolina native has raised over $500,000 throughout South Florida for LGBTQ related causes by capturing titles including Key West Queen Mother 34 and Fantasy Fest Duchess. With 30 years in the aviation industry and over ten years performing drag, he knows how to pack a feathered boa in that carry-on. Let’s see how else he can enlighten us. Kevin Assam: What is the concept of glory hole bingo and is it something I can rope my heterosexual husband into? Qmitch Jones: […]

Maya Montana, What Should We Do?!

Maya Montana has been impersonating females for 25 years as a performer starting in Baltimore. Here, she won Miss Gay Maryland Newcomer 1994, Miss Hippo 1995, and Miss Gay Maryland 1996. She subsequently moved to Virginia winning the title Miss Gay Virginia 1997 and ultimately Miss Gay America 1998. Maya now resides in Key West as an entertainer at Aqua Nightclub. Notorious for her elaborate peacock costume, let’s ruffle her feathers and dive into her world for some fanciful advice. Kevin Assam: The hair spray for my Tina Turner wig works fabulously but isn’t eco-friendly. What should I do? Maya […]