The Manor

The Manor 924 North Charles Street, Baltimore 443-835-1526  At The Manor in Baltimores Mount Vernon, avant-garde meets the high society of the past. The ambience is a collision of history and haute couture, offering dining settings spanning the spectrum of intimate to gregarious. While each room offers an abundance of charm, the food and drinks keep pace in style and extravagance. Chef Parker Greene and his teams dazzling menu exhibits creativity and passion. Common dishes such as the wood-oven pizzas and Manor Burger will satisfy less adventurous eaters. The Strip Steak au Poivre and Manor Crab Cake fuse elegance […]

Blackwall Hitch

Blackwall Hitch 700 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, 443-759-7176 Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has long been the jewel of the city, albeit a polished poo the last several years with barely a heartbeat. Fortunately, signs of the next renaissance are appearing, breathing fresh, new life into the escutcheon of Charm City. One of the first new establishments giving reason to visit the waterfront is Blackwall Hitch. The moment you arrive, you feel like you’ve entered the VIP section of a modern steamliner ship with friendly staff ready to take care of you and bartenders who know how to make a great […]

Limoncello Restaurant & Wine Bar

Limoncello Restaurant & Wine Bar 900 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore 443-708-1540   Only in hell are fried shrimp served with the shell still on. Locust Point’s Anthem House has completed their final puzzle piece of restaurants, adding an assortment of Italian flavors to the variety of global options on its first floor. Welcome, Limoncello Restaurant and Wine Bar. I had high expectations of this purely Italian-owned restaurant. Many of these expectations were met. Great service; Beautiful setting; A diverse menu with many healthier options; Robust Barolo wine by the glass instead of the usual $100-plus per bottle. The happy […]

True Chesapeake Oyster

True Chesapeake Oyster 3300 Clipper Mill Road, Baltimore 410-913-6374 To those not repulsed by the gelatinous loveliness of a raw oyster, Baltimore now has a new happy hour destination for you to try. True Chesapeake Oyster, the latest addition to Clipper Mill, has taken over one of the area’s historic mills and turned it into a fabulous, spacious den of unique seafood dishes. The layout is perfect for separating the louder, more boisterous gatherings from those who are looking for a quiet, intimate dinner. The extensive drink list was as long as the president’s Twitter feed, having at least […]

Gypsy’s Truckstaurant

Gypsy’s Truckstaurant 3515 Clipper Mill Road, Baltimore 443-869-5602   Tucked away in the industrial part of Clipper Mill is a hidden oasis of deliciousness waiting to be discovered. It is not too often we see a food truck lay down roots on a permanent address. Especially one with a nomadic name. Fortunately, Annmarie Langton and Tom Looney of the famed Gypsy Queen Food Truck have made their street fare more accessible at Gypsy’s Truckstaurant. Don’t let the view from the street fool you. Behind the privacy fence is an adorable, colorful courtyard in front of a warehouse with lots […]

Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern

Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern 418 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore 410-469-9003   Have you ever wanted to eat that cute little bunny? Gorge on a gator? Slobber on snake? Well great news! We finally have an establishment in Baltimore where the zoo becomes the buffet. Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern is where the sausage party begins. With well over a dozen homemade options to choose from on any given day, there is something for everyone in this neat little corner bar with a kick-ass booze selection. The sausages range from the usual brats and Italian-style sausages to […]

Zeke’s Coffee

Zeke’s Coffee 4719 Harford Road, Baltimore 443-992-4388   If you have ever visited a farmer’s market in Baltimore, you have probably seen and hopefully enjoyed a cup of Zeke’s coffee. Nothing says “good morning” like the rich, smooth, fair trade ebony gold poured into each cup. But there are more edible treasures to enjoy beyond what you find at one of the stands. Almost a decade ago, Tom Rhodes opened Zeke’s first coffee house. Since then, he has garnered an extensive fan base, relocated to a much larger area, and added an eclectic menu of food options. Here, you […]

Bistrot du Coin

Bistrot du Coin 1738 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 202-234-6969 French cuisine deserves its own place on the food pyramid. Ranging from healthy to dangerously hearty, the often-savory flavors satisfy the soul in ways hard to find elsewhere. Some French chefs prefer to rely on very little seasonings, sometimes resulting in a bland experience. I prefer my comfort food to have a bolder presence. After hearing endearing murmuring from DC locals, I was eager to try Bistrot du Coin in the heart of Dupont Circle. Walking into this classically quirky restaurant, I was immediately greeted with a swath of […]

Ciao Bella

Ciao Bella 236 South High Street, Baltimore 410-685-7733 Baltimore’s Little Italy has seen dramatic changes since the 80s. The area once flourished with Italian restaurants block after block. You could easily find dishes from the old country that are not always the easiest to produce at home. Over the years, too many of these great places from the Rat Pack era have closed. Several of the survivors still churn out the basics, but not with the same flare and flavor I grew up with. Fortunately, there are still a few that carry on the tradition of the old ways. […]

Hamilton Tavern

Hamilton Tavern 5517 Harford Road, Baltimore 410-426-1930 Long known for the perfect burger, Hamilton Tavern continues to produce original flavors you didn’t know you crave. For years, this gem is the place that the locals frequent to get a fresh Roseda Farm Burger on brioche with thick-cut bacon and the usual fixin’s. While others throughout Baltimore have caught on to what a burger should be, owner Joel Ramos and chef Jeremy Price push the envelope. The menu offers year-round staples for those who want to stick to the tried and true, as well as rotating options that change with […]