Love at Every Stage

We have arrived at the national celebration of love… Valentine’s Day. The implication is that we are to romantically celebrate our cherished partner(s). But, realistically, a lot of us are quietly pining over a crush, healing from a breakup, not interested in intimacy, or trying to explore our identity (to name a few) So, let’s talk about different areas of love. Let us start with the most important (and potentially the most challenging): Self love. The notion that we love ourselves in a whole and unconditional way. Recognizing and affirming who we are – without critical, negative self-talk. The exploration […]

Warm Welcome

What an honor to be writing to the Baltimore OUTloud community! I’ll use my first column as an opportunity to talk about myself – don’t leave just yet! I also want to talk about the thoughts and intention behind this column, and encourage you to participate in the conversations to come. (@bmorequeer on Instagram). My name is Elizabeth Harring, I am a licensed therapist in Baltimore City and I specialize in work with LGBTQIA youth, adults, couples, and families. Before that I was an energized young social worker- advocating for at-risk youth in foster care, developing inclusive programs for the […]