What is non-gender-conforming clothing? It’s a sense of style that the wearer wants to convey. Is it men’s clothing, worn by women? The answer can be yes. Is it women’s clothing worn by men? Also yes. The correct answer is it is what the wearer wants it to be.

Non-gender-conforming dress is absolutely no different than traditional dress. It is an expression of the image that you are trying to convey, a statement of your politics and what you believe in.

Clothing is a form of self-expression, whether you are non-gender-conforming, male, or female. Are you a traditional dresser who likes to wear understated clothing and blends in? Are you a person who wants to convey flair? Are you a person who really wants to stand out and make a strong statement about your clothing?

Before anyone can properly assess your personality by speaking with you, your style of dress can make that statement for you. Our style of dress can embrace different versions of ourselves or we can finally make the commitment to a style identity.

If you are going to put a label on it, gender fluid, non-conforming, non-binary, co-ed, androgynous are some of the terms now used in the clothing industry as it embraces the non-gender-binary segment of the population.

If you are shopping in traditional clothing stores it will be challenging to find just right ideal of non-gender-conforming that you have in mind. Most retail stores separate men’s and women’s clothing into separate sections, making it difficult for non-binary people to find the correct size in the style sought. It might also feel uncomfortable to shop in a particular sex-designated department.

Retailers are limited to carry a streamlined assortment of sizes to save space. As well, they need merchandise to turn over, meaning less popular items are replaced by better-selling product categories. It remains unclear whether gender-free clothing will be seen as just a trend, which means products may be available in stores this season but not long term.

If you are especially looking for business dress clothing, you’ll be even more challenged to find exactly what you are looking for. But here there’s a viable long-term solution: custom clothing, which can be designed to be as androgynous as the customer wants. For instance, custom clothing can be designed to be less flattering to a woman’s curves, if that is what she wants.

Custom clothiers can make people searching for gender-free clothing more comfortable with the process, because they don’t have to feel self-conscious about looking to purchase clothing that is labeled for the opposite sex in a retail store. A suit that’s made just for you will give you a greater sense of satisfaction and self-confidence. A custom suit can make you feel like you are ten feet tall. Dress well and be great!