Snake Hill Sausage

Grill & Tavern

418 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore



Have you ever wanted to eat that cute little bunny? Gorge on a gator? Slobber on snake? Well great news! We finally have an establishment in Baltimore where the zoo becomes the buffet. Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern is where the sausage party begins. With well over a dozen homemade options to choose from on any given day, there is something for everyone in this neat little corner bar with a kick-ass booze selection.

The sausages range from the usual brats and Italian-style sausages to the far more exotic, all on fresh brioche buns as buttery as Paula Deen’s upper lip. There are brunch options available day and night such as Sweet Maple Sausage topped with eggs. There are chicken sausages to the Spicy Mango Habanero. The Rosemary and Lamb sausage has a gentle garlic undertone that pairs well with the Truffle Fries. The exotic offerings include Ghost Pepper Gator, Smoked Venison with Port Wine, and my new favorite, Jalepeno Duck with Bacon. Credit is due to the sausage makers for knowing just the right ratio of hot peppers to use to generate more flavor than over-bearing heat. If your butthole burns in the morning, it’s from someone else’s meat.

For those on a more Zen diet, there are vegan options that may pique the interest of even the most bloodthirsty. I am already planning a future trip to try the Vegan Italian, an eggplant blend with fennel, wine, and garlic. Even the Smoked Apple Sage, blended with potatoes, sounds interesting with Oktoberfest around the corner.

All of the sausages are available in raw, carry-out form for those who want to impress their guests at the next BBQ. But if you have the time to stay, the menu has a variety of other items from lite to fried, including salads, mac-n-cheese and some seriously tasty hush puppies served with sweet butter. If you have room for fried Oreo cookies at the end, unbuckle that belt and dive in.

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Michael Ritmiller
Michael Ritmiller
Michael Ritmiller is a Baltimore native and foodie whose professional career spans across a variety of research & development initiatives in addition to serving local non-profits that benefit the community. An avid believer in supporting small restauranteurs, Michael began writing for Baltimore OUTloud in 2018 with the intent of identifying who offers the “best of” dishes around town.