Buying a ready-made suit is very easy to do; the difficulty is pulling the look off. If you believe that you can make a great impression in any suit that you purchase from a department store, you’re misguided.

The reason for this is that ready-made suits are mass-produced and are not meant to flatter a variety of body shapes and sizes. Ready-made suits are less expensive than custom-made suits, but you’ll never look as good in a ready-made suit as you would in a suit designed exclusively for you.

If you’re not convinced, here are some reasons why you need to stop buying suits off the rack and save money for a custom-made suit.

Improved fit – Ready-made suits are made in four or five different sizes for the masses, which can present problems for petite or large people. Even if you do come across a suit that seems to fit you well, it is unlikely that it will sit perfectly on your shoulders or fit you comfortably around the middle section of your body.

On the other hand, when getting a suit made-to-order, your personal tailor will take your measurements so that they can create a suit that fits your body like a glove.

Have your say – You want a suit that reflects your style. With ready-made suits, you’ll have to be very lucky to get your hands on one that ticks all the boxes.

Additionally, ready-made suits are made to attract mass appeal, so you might not be able to find ones in bold colors and specific patterns. If you’re particular about the color, pattern, fabric, texture, and design of your suits, go for a custom-made suit instead of buying off the rack.

Uniquely designed for you – You might be able to find suits that reflect popular trends, albeit in a cookie-cutter way. This means that most of the suits will still look like each other, and you might never have something exclusive in your wardrobe.

If cutting-edge fashion is what you want, custom-made is the way to go. Stand out from the crowd with élan in a pinstripe or plaid suit with fully customized lapel and cuff designs and designer buttons to match, along with a customer-specified contrast color pic stitch or buttonhole!

Worth the money – Store-bought suits are usually manufactured using cheap materials. Even if you pay a premium price for an off-the-rack suit, you can’t be too sure about its quality. Therefore, if you’re looking for value for money, choose tailored over ready-made.

Robustness – Though ready-made suits can be cheaper, they can turn out to be expensive over the years. Factor in costs related to dry-cleaning, repairs, and the eventual need to replace the suit within a shorter time span, and you’ll realize that investing in a custom-made suit makes more sense.

Custom tailored suits are generally made of better materials and are stitched with more care, they tend to last longer than those purchased in a department store.

Custom-made versus ready-made – Wearing a suit isn’t as common today as it used to be in the past, which is why suits have become more special than ever before. Donning the right suit to a wedding, a job interview, or any special occasion can not only make heads turn, but also infuse the wearer with a new level of confidence.

Wearing a suit that is ill-fitting can have heads turning too, but for the wrong reasons. No matter what you spend, even the priciest suit will look bad on you if it doesn’t fit you right. Buying off-the-rack may be less expensive but there’s usually fewer options to choose from.

With the information provided here, you now know why a custom-made suit will look better on you. So, stop buying ready-made and embrace the custom suit! t

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